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Products & Services

Stock up on all your favorite BARIATRIC products! Products include: Nutrametrix Multi Vitamin with and without iron, Nutrametrix Calcium, BA Chewy Bites in Multi and Calcium, BA Iron Supplement, BA Sublingual B12, BA Chewable Calcium Tablets, BA Multi Vitamin With and Without Iron Capsules, Unjury powders along with many others. A variety of flavors are available. Please check back soon for a detailed list of products that will be uploaded.

  • Our Products:
    We offer a full line of over-the-counter drugs and products, as well as everyday items. Below is a list of just some of our products:
    • Wound care
    • Pain relief, nausea/stomach relief, sleep medication, allergy/cough & cold relief, eye/nose/ear care, and hygiene products.
    • Full line of vitamins & herbal supplements available.
    • Large selection of health & beauty aids, mouth care products, hair & body wash, and personal care products.
    • Full selection of batteries.
    • Full line of medical supplies and equipment.
    • Greeting cards & gift items.
    • Refreshments & snacks
    • JOBST support stockings
    • Wrist, ankle, knee, and elbow supports.

  • Our Services:
    • We offer FREE home delivery to local patients and the Greater Baltimore area. We understand that it’s not always easy to make it to the pharmacy, and we’re here to help!
    • Curb-Side Service
    • Vaccinations:
    • We offer seasonal flu shots, Shingles vaccine, and pneumonia vaccines. Call for more information.

  • Our Specialty Services:
    • Compounding:
           In this complex world, we understand that the best medication for you may be one that is not already on the market. We compound prescriptions prescribed by your doctor in a fast, easy process, and we bill most insurances for them.
    • In order to service as many parts of the community as possible, we have developed various programs. These programs are designed to cater to patients who are diagnosed with various conditions and to the physicians who specialize in them.
      • Infectious Disease (ID) Program: We understand that the complications involved with various infectious diseases can limit the care that patients’ with those diseases receive. We keep all needed medications in-stock and offer free delivery and direct communication with physicians to take away the unneeded complications that are incurred when dealing with a typical chain pharmacy.
      • Psychiatric Program: At AME Pharmacy, we understand that patients with various psychiatric disorders require a variety of special services. This includes automatic refills, free delivery, and an easy-to-reach pharmacy. We go out of the way to work with patients, their therapists, and their psychiatrists to ensure the medication therapy is best for them. It’s just another way that we here at AME Pharmacy go above-and-beyond your typical pharmacy.
      • Other Programs We Offer:
              - Autoimmune (Multiple Sclerosis, Lupus, etc)
              - Diabetes Mellitus
              - Heart Disease

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